• Ashlyn Victoria

Wedding Wisdom | Why Bridal Boudoir Shoots are INCREDIBLE!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Hey, girl, hey!

You're getting married! When it comes to wedding-planning, most brides can agree that booking the perfect wedding photographer is at the top of the list. During the wedding process, there are a lot of photo opportunities, from the engagement session to the bridal photos. But one that might not be on your radar? A boudoir shoot. I know, getting your picture taken while posing in lingerie may seem intimidating, but it can be a totally liberating experience!

Here are five reasons why you should absolutely do a pre-wedding boudoir session.

1. To celebrate you


Let's face it, this whole wedding planning process is stressful af. Between dealing with mothers imposing their all-important opinions and having the impossible task of cutting down the guest list, wedding planning can easily make you forget what's really important. The bridal boudoir session is a perfect way to let everything else go and just focus on you and your beauty. Imagine looking back on these photos years down the road and remembering how confident and sexy you were when you got married.

2. To make you feel empowered


Every bride could use an extra boost of confidence right before her wedding day. Boudoir photos say "I am here and I am proud of who I am". Many people think that just models and instagram stars do boudoir but that is absolutely not the case! Boudoir is for everyone. Boudoir is about body positivity for all types of women. All women are beautiful and unique, and we define our own body image. Boudoir is so empowering and an experience that I believe every woman should have.

3. It's an excuse to buy some cute as hell lingerie


When is the last time that you went out and bought some cute lingerie for yourself? Maybe Valentine's Day? Your engagement? There is a lot happening right now. Caterers and flowers and venues and officiants and desserts and DJs . . . you get the point. A bride just needs a break! And what better way to take a break than to head out with a few girlfriends and get a few pretty things for yourself? And the best part, you can use it for the wedding night too ;)

4. It's an amazing treat for your fiancé


Most couples give gifts to each other for their wedding. Yes, cuff links and watches are amazing gifts, but an even better gift? Photos of his beautiful future wife looking confident and sexy. He has seen you at your best and worst, and thinks you are the most gorgeous woman in the world. Imagine his reaction when he opens an album of these incredible photos on the day he marries you. He will be absolutely stunned.

5. It'll get you comfortable in front of the camera


A boudoir session is an intimate experience between a bride and her photographer, and you get very close very quickly. If you can pose in front of my camera for boudoir, you can sure as hell bet that you'll be comfortable in front of it in your wedding dress. Connecting on a deeper level during the boudoir session makes brides even more comfortable on their wedding day. Each bride is even more excited for her day and you'll exude a newfound confidence.

When it comes down to it, a bridal boudoir session is as powerful as you are. Boudoir is a source of self-affirmation and female empowerment. You are stunning and I would love to capture your bridal beauty, whether it's for yourself or for your fiancé. Empower yourself and let's make some magic together!

Check out my boudoir page to view this gorgeous bride's gallery and book your own bridal boudoir session!