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Wedding Wisdom | Photo Albums, a Family Heirloom

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Like most of you, my family has been stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine. And what do you do when you're stuck at home for months? Spring cleaning, my friends!

While we were cleaning out our crawl space and garage, we found a bunch of boxes. Inside of these boxes were so many photo albums. Check out the photo below.

A man proposes to a woman in front of a field with hot air balloons in the background

We decided to convert all of our photos to digital while we were at home with nothing to do. Cue the long process of looking through so many pages of photos. From wedding albums, to old family photos, to baby pictures of me. We had put off doing this project for so long because the amount of photos to transfer was daunting. But what started off as a tedious process turned into a trip down memory lane for my parents and I.

As we were going through our photo albums, my mom was pointing out various family members to me and reminiscing about old memories. I saw family when they were young (it's amazing how much my older sister looks like my mother when she was younger), and I saw family that I never really got to know that well. She found photos of old friends who had died, and photos we didn't know we had of her grandparents. We found my Papa's draft notices from the Vietnam War and his baby photos. Going through my dad's photo albums, we found one of my dad's favorite photos of my grandfather, who had passed away long before I was born.

We uncovered my parent's wedding album too, filled with photos of them and their old friends having a wonderful time celebrating their love. There were huge group photos of all our family together in one place (which rarely happens). I was so inspired for my upcoming wedding while looking through their photo album.


I talk to all of my couples about how important photo albums are. And as I go through these old albums with my family, that message becomes clearer and clearer to me. Albums aren't just an obligatory thing that you buy, albums are a time capsule. They last for years, so down the road, your children or grandchildren can look back on your memories. They can meet family they didn't know they had, and see what you looked like on the day you got married. These days, it is very easy to leave photos digital on a computer. Unlimited storage space and general access to cameras means that those important memories get lost among thousands of random photos. And eventually, you will forget about them, or not look at them for years.

What if, instead of keeping them on a flash drive forever, you create a gorgeous handcrafted photo album? It can sit on your coffee table, or on your dresser in your bedroom. You can relive your wedding memories all the time, and remember the love you had for each other on that special day. You can print out photo albums as gifts for your parents, so they too can remember the day of the two people the care so much about. In addition to albums, make prints to put on your walls. Instead of buying that stereotypical wall art from the chain furniture store that every one else buys, fill up your walls with beautiful photos of the two of you in love.

Trust me, you won't regret it. ❤️

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