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From Miss to Mrs | Bridesmaid Proposals

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Like many brides, I wanted my closest girls to stand by my side on my wedding day. I'm having 6 bridesmaids overall; my sister as my maid of honor, and my future sister-in-law and my school friends as bridesmaids. I knew from the day I got engaged that I wanted them to be in my wedding, and I was planning on asking them months ago. But then Covid happened. . .

Several months later, I finally got to ask my girlfriends to be my bridesmaids and putting together their gifts was so much fun! I wanted to give them a box full of treats to go along with the cards I made them. There are so many fun ways that you can ask your bridesmaids and I will get into them in a future blog post, but for now, read on to see what I put in their boxes!

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The Box

I wanted a cute box to put all the different items in, but I couldn't find anything I liked. I was looking for simple white boxes, but then I found these awesome kraft boxes from Hobby Lobby. They reminded me of the Chinese takeout boxes my friends and I would get whenever we ordered Chinese food.

Get them at Hobby Lobby or Amazon

The Bath Bomb

One of my favorite stores to visit is my local Buff City Soap store. I frequent there more than I care to admit and when quarantine hit, I knew I wanted to give them my business. So I headed over and bought bath bombs for all of my girls.

Check it out Buff City Soap

The Card

I was looking online for cute cards and I found lots that I liked but I wanted to personalize them a bit more. So I took to Photoshop and created my own cards. Then I went to Shutterfly and added my design as a photo to the "create your own card" option.

Check out Etsy for gorgeous pre-made cards or Shutterfly for making your own

The Drink

I was wandering around World Market one day looking for cute things to put in the girls' boxes and I stumbled across these bottles of San Pellegrino. I had only drank them out of cans before and I thought these bottles were super cute. So I snagged a few for my girls. Get it at World Market or Amazon

The Macarons

I have always loved macarons and thought they would be perfect to go in the gift boxes. I got mine from Target, but if you want to support a small business, Honey B's Macarons ships in the United States!

Check out Honey B's Macarons or find the ones I got at Target

The Mints

I wanted to include something very special in my gift boxes, so I made my bridesmaids my Grandma Wavah's mints. My grandma was an absolute doll and I wanted to have her in my wedding somehow. So we went off her family recipe and used her molds. It truly was a treasure to include my grandma in the wedding this way.

We finished off the boxes with tissue paper in the bottom to set the items on. The macarons and mints are in little bags, tied with tulle. I got flowers to throw in the box and tie on top. Hobby Lobby is your friend when it comes to making these presents!

Making these boxes was so fun, and giving them to my girlfriends was even better! I was so happy to finally ask them to be my bridesmaids and I can't wait to talk to them about future wedding plans!

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